Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Breastfeeding Benefits for Mom

If you're looking for more information on breastfeeding (particularly breastfeeding beyond the first months or year of your child's life), I highly recommend checking out my friend Erin's contribution to the BABS Blog today.

And if you're looking for some varied takes on pregnancy, birth, and parenthood, poke around on the blog in general.  Contributors to the BABS Blog are parents, personal organizers, chiropractors, child development researchers, and more!

If you're a parent-to-be or parent anywhere near Bloomington, Indiana, take advantage of the many wonderful class offerings and resources that BABS has to offer.  Or just stop by and ask what they have for you and your family!  You have to go there and meet the staff and anyone who happens to have dropped by or be there for a playgroup to really begin to understand all they have to offer.

My family has been so lucky to have this organization and its people (the staff, as well as other families connected to it) in our lives.  We would never have considered a second pregnancy without BABS and the community we have become a part of through them.

Consider this a shameless plug for an organization that will forever be dear to my heart!

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