Saturday, October 23, 2010

Comments on old posts are just going to be messed up...

I went to fix the comments and re-read the email from help at disqus, and it's just not worth it to fix them!

If you want to see your comments and any response I made, and you don't see/can't find your comments, I'll try to help you find them.  This shouldn't be an issue going forward - they made a fix that should supposedly fix the issue on future posts.

I swear your comments are all there, out in the ether!  The only reason I know about the problem is that a very good friend thought she had offended me and I had removed her comments.  In fact, I'd made a fairly lengthy response to her.  I haven't removed a thing (yet?  I'm positive there are things I would remove...just nothing that has come up yet!).

In any case, sorry.  I'm too tired/distracted to figure out which comments are sorta/kinda missing, and then migrate them.  I'm up at 1:30AM just because this is the only uninterrupted time I have, and I'm not going to waste it moving comments that people probably aren't going to read anyway.

So carry on with your blog reading, and let me know if you want to find your comment(s)!

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