Saturday, October 2, 2010

Home with my new baby

This won't be much of a hippy post, or particularly instructional.  In fact, I'm pretty certain my blog is about to be all baby, all the time - probably for a month or more.

I had a perfect baby boy on September 30th after a pretty amazing labor and birth.  I've written up his birth story in the journal I keep for my kids, and will at some point type it up and post it here for folks to read.  It was pretty incredible - everything we had hoped for and more!

For now, his only nickname is The Thing.  So that's how he'll continue to be referred to on the blog.

Like his brother, he is we're working our way through that.  His tongue-tie is posterior, so it is not as easy a fix and we won't be able to get it resolved as quickly.  So I'm nursing through pain, focusing on the fact that I know it will get better and that it will be worth it for our family in numerous ways.  Thankfully, The Thing is very obviously getting plenty to eat.  He is also obviously frustrated with his difficulty latching and staying latched.  He had craniosacral therapy today, and it really made a difference.

Bean is totally in love with his baby brother, though he's having a rough time with lack of sleep.  Hopefully we can get him back into a routine and he'll be in a better mood.

I've written this in so many different sittings and am finally off to sleep - hoping for a few two-hour stretches.  I have to fully wake up for every feeding and do various things to help The Thing latch and stay latched.  It will be a sweet relief when we can just lay down, nurse, and both fall asleep!

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