Thursday, October 7, 2010

How my house got "nested"

Meet D, my adorable and wonderful mother-in-law.

My in-laws arrived a week before my due date and got to work cleaning, cooking, and caring for Bean.  Since I had been on restricted activity for several weeks due to elevated blood pressure, there were a bunch of cleaning projects that I hadn't been able to finish (though, knowing all-out bedrest was likely, I had nested like crazy earlier...mostly by baking in the middle of the night when I had my second trimester burst of energy and insomnia).  

I had wondered if grandparents might want to go buy some more familiar cleaners.  I was mentally preparing to cede control and just be thankful for the help - though I've been on such a mission to de-clutter over the last year that the thought of all those extra bottles hanging out under my my sink made me twitchy... 

So far, no need for me to stress!  D got way, way excited about my "green" cleaning techniques. I had to take a picture of her happy, smiling face as she finished cleaning our microwave. To do that,  she microwaved a bowl of water and vinegar for a few minutes.  The steam loosens all the muck and makes it pretty easy to wipe clean.  It had been awhile since I'd cleaned the microwave (and D and my father-in-law were really going all out nesting for me!), so D then used some baking soda as a scouring powder.  The microwave is spotless!

My favorite D Cleaning Moment was coming into the kitchen for lunch one day and finding that D was totally psyched by our tea kettle.  That thing sparkled after she used baking soda (again as a scouring powder) to buff the outside of it.  "And I'm not even done!" she exclaimed.  Scouring the tea pot wasn't even something I had thought of in my pregnant insanity - my in-laws are pretty awesome at this nesting business!

Then she and my father-in-law cleaned out our fridge, and used vinegar to get sticky goop (they think it was honey.  I'm not sure I want to know, because we don't put honey in the fridge...) off the bottom.  Pretty impressive!

So, despite my being slightly side-lined, my nesting got done and it was pretty much entirely done with baking soda, vinegar, and water.  I admit there was a small amount of bleach involved - there was mold on our window sills and I was too tired to research whether there might be a less-toxic but equally-effective alternative (though I briefly contemplated vinegar and peroxide, I just wasn't sure of its efficacy against mold).

I'm interested to see if our upcoming help (my stepmom, and then my father) are also as comfortable (or even excited!) using our nontraditional cleaning supplies!

I can't end without sharing some of the sweetness going on in and around our house right now!

Bean has learned to put on pajamas almost entirely by himself, so he is wearing them everywhere, including out to the garden (paired with rain boots!).  Squeak (the baby has a nickname!) looks like a cute little old man :)

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