Thursday, October 21, 2010

When in doubt, get naked

 It has been a rough evening, night, and morning around here...

Yesterday evening, Squeak freaked out.  He's usually a peaceful baby - he grunts when he needs to be upright to burp, he makes feeding cues and little fusses when he is hungry, and he SCREEEEEAMS when we change his diaper.  Other than that, he's not usually fussy.

So, last night, he just started screaming.  I offered him the breast, I tried burping him, I walked around shushing him, I tried various carrying positions...

And then I stripped him naked, peeled off my shirt, and settled him on my chest.  Instant quiet.  He pressed his little ear against my chest, right over my heart, and just looked up at me in total calm.

I hopped in the bath with him, where floating (with his head supported out of the water) is usually a relaxing treat for him...but he just wanted to stay on my chest - he flinched every time I poured water over his back or replaced a cooled-off wash cloth with a nice warm one.  He seemed to just want to be left alone - even if that meant he was getting cold (which, of course, I couldn't allow to happen, so I kept him warm even though it made him flinch).

I still don't know what was (and still is) bothering the tiny dude, but he's currently mostly naked and snuggled up against me once again.  In the night, I hardly got any sleep because he just wanted to be upright and naked on my chest!

I think his stomach might be bothering him, or it might be a diaper rash.  Or both. 

I think he might have a sensitivity to something in our detergent.  I am having detergent issues.  I tried going hippy and making my own, and *I* had a sensitivity to it.  So I'm using a major brand right now, and think Squeak might have a sensitivity to it.  UGH!

Poor little dude :(

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