Thursday, November 18, 2010

Spiky Snake Bread

My husband's creativity never ceases to amaze me.  With this bread, he kind of outdid himself!

Bean and The Beast have been making "Snake Bread" for awhile.  The Beast would take some of the dough from his weekly bread-baking and roll it out into a snake and bake it as Bean's very own tiny loaf.  Often they're working together, and this is the scene:

Then The Beast got the idea to put a potato under the snake's head as it bakes so that it would be holding its head up. (Brilliant, right???)

And then???  Well, not only does this Snake Bread have sunflower seed spikes, but it was one of The Beast's attempt to solve an ongoing issue we were having with Bean - the maddening toddler pickiness.

Bean has always enjoyed a wide variety of foods - the kid will steal broccoli off of our plates, eat plan garbanzo beans as a snack, and used to pig out on peas and carrots.    But lately he won't eat anything he hasn't eaten very recently.  Suddenly, we were having trouble convincing him to eat a) protein besides peanut butter and sometimes almonds and b) anything besides bread at dinner.

So the beast decided to experiment with adding various sources of protein to the bread.  He made a loaf with quinoa in it that was quite successful.  The loaf above includes quinoa, flax seeds, and sunflower seeds in addition to the sunflower seed spikes.  The Beast is simultaneously a parenting and culinary genius, no?

Unfortunately, Bean pulled off all the spikes, ate most of the snake, but rejected the bread The Beast later made of the same dough.  We think he didn't like the sunflower seeds.

I can coax the recipe out of The Beast if anyone's interested but BE WARNED.  He is all technical and geeky about bread.  He even uses a sourdough culture that he caught in our kitchen.  WILD SOURDOUGH!  :)  

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