Sunday, January 8, 2012

Is the natural way the better way?

I've called this a "natural living" blog at times.  But it's not, entirely.  I'm grateful for technology.  I very much use modern technology to better my life (why hello, lovely Internet on which I blog!).

So, no.  I don't think the natural way is always the better way.  We have to balance the way our bodies have evolved and what they have evolved to need and expect (the nature side) with the world we actually live in (which is continuously moving away from natural with everything from the surfaces we walk on to the food we eat).

This is why I consider myself "contentedly crunchy."  I'm not "committedly crunchy" or "conformistly crunchy."  Or any other words that alliterate with crunchy.  I'm just seeking a balance (whatever that means and aren't we all?), and have somehow arrived more at the "natural" end - but I still love my computer, take modern medicines on a regular basis, see doctors, vaccinate my kids, and love and respect those who have found their balance in other ways.

And, as I once heard it put:  Mother Nature will fuck you up.

Nature is not kind. 

I once read a discussion amongst breastfeeding mothers that started with the question "how many babies would you have to have before you would formula feed?" The responses ranged from "I would never formula feed!  I would get donor milk if I couldn't make enough milk!"  to my personal favorite "if my body could grow that number of babies, I could make enough milk." 

Not long before reading that discussion, I had been talking to a dog breeder who breeds dachshunds and doberman pinschers.  The previous time I'd been to see her, she'd had a teensy doberman puppy who was being nursed by a dachshund mother.  Apparently the doberman had one more puppy than she had teats, and (as is apparently the way it always goes) picked out the runt and refused to nurse it.  She cast it aside to die.  Nature and evolution aren't about a mother running herself into the ground in order to save every baby or give it the absolute best she possibly can within her means - it's survival of the fittest.

And so that puppy was nursed by another mother (not donor milk, but cross nursing!).  And it still died.

Thank goodness human "runts" and high order multiples have other options. 

Thank goodness we don't always have to bow under the will and whim of Mother Nature.

Photo: Wonderlane on Flickr.
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