Friday, January 7, 2011

Letter in Response

I returned from vacation and finally sorted through mail.  I have a response from the local pediatrician's office to the letter I wrote.

Dear [Hippy Lady],

I'm sorry you were offended by the stickers offered at your child's well child appointment.  Typically we try to offer just a couple options for children to choose from since that makes the decision easier.

Not all of our stickers are licensed characters; we have fruit and baby animals and many others as we buy many different sticker collections.  Please feel free to decline the sticker at check out.

[OMG Is there any way she actually read my letter?]

I'm sort of tempted to send her another letter that simply says, "I'm enclosing a copy of my first letter so that you might actually read it."

And the prospect of declining a sticker offered to my 2.5-year-old is actually laughable.  Right.  I'm going to pick that fight!

Alas, I'm on a yeast-killing rampage (thrush and diaper rash.  Cloth diapering actually blows right about now, but that's an upcoming post) and have way way too much other stuff on my plate to take on a pen pal!

Maybe I'll just never take Bean to the pediatrician again.  He'd be thrilled, as he always freaks out at being weighed and measured.  And, of course, he doesn't exactly beg for shots.  This would eliminate a lot of stress, fights, and appointments from my life.  If he gets really really sick, I'll take him to the ER.  The hospital has these bags o' generic treats like little Made-in-China packs of Old Maid cards.  At least I'm pretty sure they're made in China.  You just can't win.

But that's the best solution, right?


Also, this is the fastest post I have ever made to this blog.  The sarcasm is flowwwwwwwing.

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