Sunday, February 27, 2011

Coconut Oil vs. the Diaper Rash

Last week, I wrote a guest post on dealing with yeast in cloth diapers over at the The Green Nursery's blog.  One of the commenters suggested treating a yeast rash with coconut oil for its natural antifungal properties.  Brilliant!  Yet another use for the stuff.

Squeak has been suffering with a recurring rash that is not yeast.  I've been to the pediatrician, and she said it is now contact dermatitis, but I can't figure out what is itis-ing his derm (inflaming his skin).  Based on the location, it appears to be his own pee.  Or maybe his pee interacting with our detergent (he's not reacting anywhere else, so it's not a straight-up allergy or sensitivity to the detergent).  Or something.  And sometimes it looks possibly yeast-y.  Which pisses me off because I have treated the whole family for yeast.  Multiple times.

So our solution for the last couple weeks has been to put Squeak in just a prefold with no cover and change the diaper as soon as it was wet.  This has worked to clear up the rash, but then it would return as soon as he was left in a diaper with a cover for a few hours.  Putting him in a wool cover at night (wool is magical, I swear.  It has super powers.  Like being waterproof yet breathable!) has helped with the long overnights in diapers.  We've tried a barrier, but it didn't always prevent the rash.

Friday morning I opened Squeak's diaper to find the rash back and looking painful.  I decided to give the coconut oil a try while I put him in a diaper and cover (we were heading out the door).

Came home a few hours later and changed his diaper - the rash was gone!  We've done this a couple more times since, and I've been able to keep the rash gone if I put the oil on at a few diaper changes -- skip a couple and it comes back.

Squeak just seems to have really sensitive skin.  *sigh*

My plan is to leave him cover-free whenever possible (soon he'll get some diaper-free time as we start using the potty, but more on that in a separate post!) and, whenever I'm putting a cover on him, put some coconut oil on. 

Yet another use for coconut oil!  It has antimicrobial and antifungal properties, plus it's very soothing to the skin. 

I'm now using it for the following:
  • hair product/curl definer
  • diaper rash treatment
  • lip moisturizer (I rub leftovers on my lips whenever I use it in my hair)
  • deodorant component
  • Underarm soother (after I epilate, which I've been doing instead of shaving for about two years)
What other uses are out there?

**I'm not sure yet if coconut oil will need to be stripped out of the diapers.  Stay tuned!

(And, by the way, Scott and Abby over at The Green Nursery are fabulous!  They are knowledgeable, kind, give back to the community in various ways, and are always helpful.  Check them out for all your natural parenting needs!  And they are, in no way, compensating me for saying this.  Unless friendship counts as compensation?)

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