Thursday, April 28, 2011

A follow-up already...Religion! Feminism!

It's been a whole hour-or-so since I published the post on feminist motherhood and I'm already writing a follow-up. 

The Beast and I were discussing this over dinner.  Rather than type it up and format it all nicey-nicey and make it flow, here it is quick and hopefully comprehensible.

Big news:  I'm agnostic.  I have never before allowed myself to be categorized religiously or anti-religiously or in any other way relating to G-d and gathering places (notice I typed "G-d," but sometimes I will go ahead and type "God."  I don't know, I went to Jewish Sunday school for all of, like, 10 minutes and somehow this habit stuck.  It's almost like dotting an "i" with a heart or something; there's not really a whole lot of meaning behind it for me.)

Ok, so I'm agnostic.  But it's not what you (might) think.  I have resisted this label because it often comes with misinterpretations and I want to be sure I know what I'm agreeing to.  For example, I went a-googlin' and discovered I would refuse to subscribe to many of the definitions I found.  For instance, I do not necessarily think the existence or non-existence of G-d is unknowable. 

I just don't know what I think.  Maybe there's a G-d.  Maybe there isn't.  Maybe there's Nature or Fate or the Laws of the Universe - are those "God?"  Or just some "larger force?"  I don't know.  I certainly believe there is some sort of larger/stronger force than little ol' me out there.  But, you know, my husband is both larger and stronger than me.  So whatever.  I'm officially agnostic but probably will not be claiming a community of agnostics as my own (is there such a thing?).

Coming to the conclusion that I am, in fact, agnostic involved The Beast defining Latin roots and using symbolic logic.  There was a white board involved.  He says I should just tell you I am "~B." (He is now saying "yesssss.  Symbolic logic is making it to your blog.  Now we can make some progress.")

Annnnnd feminism...

I said this:  "I do think there is iniquity between men and women.  I also think both women and men allow it to be perpetuated.  And they both suffer."

The Beast said this on the topic of defining feminism so that I might figure out if I belong:  "It's not necessarily correct, but this is a funny definition:  feminism means believing that women are people - that they have rights as people."

My response was this:  "And we're somewhat lucky in this country to have the same rights as men, but those rights are set up with men in mind - they are not of equal benefit to men and women."

The Beast agreed.  The end.

I feel like I should change the label of these posts to "feminism?!?"

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