Monday, May 2, 2011

Food Waste

As I was doing dishes today, and picked up a plate of Bean's that still had about half the food he'd been served, I thought four things:

1) Boy am I glad we compost - if the kid won't eat it, the garden will sure enjoy it

2) Now that we're eating almost entirely vegetarian, we have even less non-compostable waste.  So, again, at least the garden will enjoy it.

3)  Why the hell are we giving him such large portions?  Shouldn't we give him what we expect him to eat (or, these days, only what we're intending to insist he eat before he can have something else?)

4)  I cannot believe how close the words "there are starving children" are to coming out of my mouth.  At least I'm not about to say "there are starving children in China."  No, I'm not quite that cliche and I'm also aware there are families right up the road who struggle with getting enough food.  Which makes this wastefulness all the more bothersome.

Incidentally, if you've never composted and are interested, let me know.  I still feel like a beginner at it, but I think it might really just be this easy:  put plant matter (and egg shells) in a pile.  Turn the pile over when you think of it.  When it doesn't really look like plant matter (or egg shells) anymore, mix it into your garden soil.  We've had enough to do across our small garden once a year, and we share our pile with a neighbor couple.  They don't seem to use much (if any?) of the compost.  So maybe we're not doing to bad on wastefulness after all?

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