Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pretend Baking

I made Bean a little pretend baking area outside.  For his birthday, we got him measuring cups and spoons.  I had saved a spice container, and soon will have an empty bottle of imitation vanilla extract to add to this.  Also included is a wooden scoop, and some old stainless steel containers formerly used for rice and flour and the like.  And his grandparents gave him a mini muffin tin for his birthday, so that's out there right now.  Just add a bag of play sand and he's set

The major skills I was hoping he would practice (and he did!) were filling and leveling the measuring spoons and cups without spilling a whole lot. 

He's had a good time with this, and so did a friend's kids when they visited from out of state for a few days.  I wish we had  real sand box, because Bean has trouble remembering to keep the sand in the various bowls and containers I give him and I think that's mostly because they are too small.  But whatever.  It's just sand.  Sweep it away!

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