Friday, June 24, 2011

A cookie might be healthier than a major head injury...

Last night I came out after an hour-long bedtime feeding bedtime with Squeak, and Bean immediately said (in one breath), "Can I have a snack I need something with protein and not sugar."  (Yes, really.)

And The Beast informed me that the cookie saga had continued.

Apparently, Bean had been up in the kitchen for a little while and The Beast had been back in the office.  Bean came back to proudly report that he had "managed to get the cookies."  They were on the highest shelf in our pantry.  That's over six feet up. 

First, he tried the pretty safe step stool he can unfold and push wherever he wants it:

So cute!  So safe!  So 17 months old!  And we can just put things out of reach, right? (No.  Not right.)
Apparently, when that didn't work, he headed to the bathroom and got this:
Kidcraft Step n Store
What's that you say?  A 10-inch-tall step stool does not appear to get him any closer to 6-plus-foot-high cookies than the much taller kitchen step stool?

Well it does if you put it on the top step of that kitchen step stool.

At this point I had a minor heart attack but then couldn't stop laughing because I can't believe my kid is now that kid who will do anything for a cookie and tells us proudly how he (albeit unknowingly) defied death.

And it only got better.

Apparently, when that still did not get him cookies, he stood on the stability/handlebar part.
Yeah.  That part that his feet shouldn't come near and that is totally meant for safety.  He stood on it!!!  

He got the cookies.  And he couldn't open the package.

Next time I'll probably just give him the cookies and let him go to town.  Better than falling from six feet up...

The end.  (I hope.)

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