Thursday, June 23, 2011

The kid has mad skills (of the reasoning variety)

14-month-old Bean checkin' out a logic textbook

I came home from errands that brought home cookies for dessert and overheard The Beast asking Bean "are you absolutely sure you don't want whatever Mom brought home?"

"Yes, I'm sure" came the reply.

And Bean came out to excitedly show me the gummy worms he was having for dessert.  He informed me emphatically (pointed finger and all), "I cannot have what you brought home.  I'm having gummy worms.  Ok?  Ok."

Fast forward 20 minutes and Bean watched The Beast eat a cookie, so he runs to me and says "Can I eat lunch and then after that have a cookie?"

"Sure," I answered,  "After lunch tomorrow you can certainly have a cookie for dessert!"

"Can I have lunch right now and then have a cookie?"

"No, sweetheart.  Tomorrow after lunch you can have a cookie.  Remember when you chose gummy worms for dessert, and then Dad made extra sure that you didn't want whatever I brought home?"

"But...but...I will share a gummy worm with Dad and then he can share his cookie with me!"

" you have a gummy worm to share?"  I asked, already impressed with his problem-solving.

Bean turns desperately to The Beast and says in one breath, "Dad will give me a gummy worm so I can share it with you so you can share a cookie with me?!? PWEASE????"

"No," The Beast responded, stifling a laugh, "I'm not giving you a gummy worm so you can share it with me.  You already ate your gummy worms."

"Will you share a gummy worm with me so I can share it with you so you can share a cookie????"

There was no stifling the laughter.  Poor kid.  Trying sooooooo hard with the rules he knows!

The Beast said, "I'm sorry, buddy.  I know you are so upset, but these are the consequences of your choice.  You had gummy worms instead of a cookie."


"No.  Can I read a book with you to help you calm down?"

("WAAAAAAAAAAAAH Cookie Waaaaaaaaah!")

(Sniff.  Sniff.)  "Will you read a book wif me?"

(No, they did not read the textbook to calm Bean down.)

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