Sunday, June 5, 2011

Susan G. Komen - is it really for the cure?

Read this article about Komen for the Cure's efforts toward away from a breast cancer cure this morning.  Eye-opening.

I'm very bothered by the breast cancer awareness stuff in general because it doesn't seem to be getting anywhere or doing anyone much good.  In a lot of instances it is counterproductive, as discussed in the article and elsewhere (like my own rant back in Pinktober).

I'm inclined to stick with advocating change in broader ways like the food industry, healthcare, maternity leave, and the rights of women to pump at work and breastfeed in public.  I will also continue to try to get away from toxins in my family's food and any product that we put on our skin

Those seem to be the best ways to reduce disease rates in my generation and my kids' generation.  And not just cancer, but every disease!

What are your thoughts?

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