Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Being Color Kittens"

Bean being a Color Kitten and Squeak playing with the packaging of something or other.

Sorry for the absence.  The last week has been chaotic.  Squeak swallowed a tiny rubber band last Sunday.  ....at least we think it was Sunday.

Anyhow, he's Grabby McGrabberson these days and is a happy eater of anything.  Despite the fact that he has only one tooth, he has successfully eaten a variety of foods (he grabs stuff off my plate, insists on eating off my fork, etc.  He's like Bizarro Bean, since Bean didn't eat much of anything until close to his first birthday and refused to let us feed him) as well as mud, flowers, grass, dust bunnies, and now a rubber band.  ::sigh:: 

Since eating the stupid thing, he has required a little extra snuggling, plus extra nursing since we took him off solids entirely (per pediatrician's recommendations).  And The Beast had minor surgery on Friday and couldn't help out a whole lot with a baby who had to be carried or at least held in a non-sitting position pretty much all day long.

But anyway...

I wanted to post about this activity I did with Bean (a month ago) because I love it on several levels.  It's simple, it involves water (a long-time passion of Bean's), it's something he can experiment with, it's super flexible in terms of whatever transferring implements are around, and it even gave him a chance to hone some fine motor skills.  It's also nostalgic for me, as I remember doing the same activity - with a big metal mixing bowl and a turkey baster - when I was young!

I present to you:  "Being Color Kittens"

The Color Kittens is a book that my mother-in-law gave to Bean - it is a classic Golden Book that she read as a young girl!  It's actually written by Margaret Wise Brown (of Goodnight Moon fame).  In the story, The Color Kittens (Brush and Hush) mix various colors of paint together in attempts to make green.  In the end they make all the colors in the world.  (And spill them, but I try not to emphasize that when we're doing this activity!)

To do the activity, I laid out a big beach towel on the kitchen floor with several clear containers.  I then put water in three of them and colored them each with food coloring in a primary color.  Then Bean used the turkey baster to transfer the colored water to the empty containers, mixing them together to see what he gets.  He also liked adding uncolored water to dilute the colors, and I gave him a wooden spoon to stir his concoctions.

Later in the week, we did the same activity outside on our back deck.  Bean had a friend over, so we needed more ways than our only turkey baster to transfer the water.  I found a couple medicine syringes, and that was a huge hit with Bean.  As I knew he would, he started shooting water off the deck when he got bored with mixing the colors.

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