Friday, July 22, 2011

Review of Milk Nursing Babydoll Tank Top

Finally.  Finally I am writing this review!

I won this adorable Milk babydoll top from Milk Smart Mama in April or May.  At first, it was too cold to wear it.  Then I wanted to wait until I had worn and washed it a few times before I reviewed it.


Overall, I love this top.  I got numerous compliments the first time I wore it, so I can't help but love it!  It is adorable!  I had tried several tops from Motherwear and they all looked like sacks on me.  I was so disappointed - and then spent the time shipping them back to Motherwear for a refund.  I wasn't sure I'd ever try to own a nursing shirt again.  Afterall, if I was going to spend the money, it better be more flattering than the t-shirts I normally wear and, with my super-frugal ways, it should really be worth wearing whether I need breastfeeding access or not!

So this babydoll is the very first nursing shirt I have actually owned and worn in public, and I can't wait to get a little gift money together for a few more!

And did I mention it doesn't wrinkle?  And that my baby is still a spitter and spit-up washes right out?

There are a few things about the top that were less-than-ideal.  The first is that I would call it moderately un-hippy because it is clearly made of synthetic materials.  This fact was obvious from the unfortunate new-car smell of the top out of the package.  However, the smell dissipated completely after a few washes and the shirt still looks brand new after several washes.

Another not-ideal aspect is that I had a bit of a challenge finding a bra to wear with it.  I think some moms could go braless in this top, but I am just not comfortable at this point.  The Body Silk by Bravado and Bravado Bliss work alright, but any bra runs the risk of showing over the top of the shirt.   

And the nursing access - simply because of the babydoll design and the bit of extra coverage under the visible material - is a little bit difficult.  It's not terribly tight - nothing to make me worry about clogged ducts - just tight enough to be awkward.  And adding the bra underneath made the whole thing even more awkward. 

So, this top fulfilled my needs and desires in a nursing top, in that it gave me decently-modest nursing access while being adorable between feedings.

Sorry it's grainy and crappy...but the shirt is cute!

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