Monday, August 8, 2011

100th Post: How I Fold a Prefold

I just noted that this is my 100th post!  Woohoo!

I think I'll celebrate by doing something I've been contemplating for a few months:  starting a Facebook page for the blog.  My thought is that a Facebook page would encourage broader discussion in two ways:

1)  There is often some great discussion on my personal page about my blog entries, and it would be cool to extend that (at least a little) to those who read but who I don't personally know.  Some of my Facebook friends might want to keep it to the more-private-for-Facebook personal page.  That's fine.  I'm not sure how I'll find/have/make time to reply to more comments or administer this Facebook page anyway!  (Though I'm not expecting or angling for it to be a huge following, either.  I do not have time or energy for this to be more than a hobby!  In face, I'm expecting the folks liking my blog's page to be, like, 99.99% my Facebook friends.)

2) A place for me to post some links and questions that I think readers of my blog would enjoy or have answers to, but that I don't have time or enough thoughts to write an entry about and that I don't want to annoy the living crap out of my Facebook friends with (I'll just annoy the crap out of you - deal?  Deal.  Seriously, that's what you're agreeing to if you "like" my page!).  It'd also be a place for readers to ask such questions - like no-poo for different hair types, because my hair type doesn't seem to care what I do to it so I'm not a lot of help!

So, anyway...back to my 100th post!

How I Fold a Prefold:

I'd show you on the real baby, but crap.  10-month-olds ssqueal and kick and try to roll away when you diaper them.  All in good fun!  Plus I'd have to edit out his baby bits.  In any case, enjoy pictures of the diapered Frog Prince!
1.  Place the  prefold under the baby, with one sewn (shorter) edge level with the baby's belly button.

2. Fold the sides in so you make an absorbent, layered front with a wider back.  The corners of the diaper from behind the baby now make sort of "tabs" that you fasten with a Snappi (or you can use diaper pins, but they scare me)

3. Snappi one side...
4.  Streeeeeeetch it over to the other "tab."

5.  Stretch the bottom part of the Snappi downward.

Happy Baby Froggy Princey!  (But you should put a cover on, because a loose Snappi can hurt.)
And How to Get a Prefold on a Standing child...

Because if you can't get a diaper on a standing, wiggling, about-to-run-off or currently-running-off toddler what use is the diaper?
I have yet to require the standing method with Squeak, and I didn't use it a whole lot with Bean because I felt pretty early on that I'd usually rather clean up his pee and poop (and make a potty available, which he used somewhat consistently) than body slam him into diapers or quickly get it on him in some sort of run-by diapering.  But I've done it.  It's possible!

Like this:
1.  Tri-fold it

2.  Put it in a cover (this is a Thirsties cover - I put them in the little pouch at the front side).
3.  Pray.  And diaper.  (No picture of this step.  Not exactly something I was trying to capture for posterity!)

Update 8PM:  I made a page.  It's here.  Let me know if that link doesn't work.  Also let me know if you have a magical way to add a Facebook button on Blogger that doesn't involve code, or please hold my hand because code intimidates me!

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