Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sick Day

Bean snuggled up in his favorite blanket at Grandma and Grandpa's.  He was so in love with this blanket that we had to fly it back to the midwest with us.  He's snuggled up in it and feeling puny right now.

Bean is sick.   So my day will be all about rituals that can also help him feel better!  The first thing is tea.  He has a little two-handled mug of his own in which we brew chamomile tea.  We add honey to sweeten it, and also to help a sore throat and/or cough.  A couple ice cubes make it the right temperature for Bean.  He loves this tea, though he only drinks it when he's sick.  It helps keep him hydrated and relaxed.

Then he usually lays on the couch, snuggled up in a blanket, and watches an apalling number of videos interspersed with reading a few books and often also snuggling with The Beast or me.  This is the only time he stays still like this, and I enjoy every second of snuggling him!

We try to keep him from eating anything sugary (because sugar can irritate a sore throat), and we encourage him to avoid cow's milk (because it can increase mucus production).  He gets very sad about the milk, and will usually have a little even knowing that he might feel a little yuckier afterwards.  I let him make that choice, and generally follow his lead with whatever he wants to eat in general.  He will opt for light meals and fresh and dried fruit. 

Off to snuggle him.  I think Squeak is feeling a little under the weather, too.  All I can do for him is nurse nurse nurse.  And then use the Nose Frida.

Also, on a related note, breastmilk is considered a clear fluid.  When a stomach bug goes through the house, nursing is especially convenient and gives me peace of mind.  Breastmilk is gentle on a hurting gut, highly-nutritious in a very compact package, very high in water content to stave off dehydration, and each kid survived on it alone for a solid 6 months so I don't worry about what they're eating or not eating (or what they're keeping down).  Also, since it is medically considered a clear fluid, you can breastfeed as close to your baby/child going under anesthesia as they can have water.  Having had Squeak go under general anesthesia twice now (ugh), this has been a huge deal.

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