Saturday, August 27, 2011

This Week In Sleep (8/20-8/26)

Squeak asleep snuggled on Grandma D's shoulder, swinging on a porch swing. (July '11)

The three biggest items to report this week in sleep:  1) How have I only thought to have an iPod hidden in my pillow case almost 3.5 years into laying there waiting for kids and babies to settle? 2) My kids tag teamed me on the nap front this week.  3)  We still use some of the same strategies with Bean as 3 years ago.

iPodSqueak isn't as wild as Bean was at bedtime, but at almost 11 months he does need some time to kind of roam around the bed, pull up on the wall, come back to nurse periodically, and generally wind down in the dark.  It takes about 45 minutes.  I sing for 20 minutes, and then I just lay there.  Bored.  This week, I've taken to listening to podcasts, and then I go to sleep once Squeak has settled.  I hide the iPod in my pillow case, and that way I can do the whole thing without him grabbing at stuff.  He's waaaaay into lights - I have to cover the clock and the baby monitor with blankets so he isn't climbing all over the night stand!

Squeak has apparently given up his morning nap and pretty much passes out around noon.  Bean starts not-so-quiet time around 1:30 or 2, and then comes out repeatedly until about 3 when he usually naps.  And then Squeak is up a little after that.  I am not getting any time to myself during the day or the evenings when Bean is up.  I cannot wait for preschool to start - one more week!
An Old TrickThe Beast reported that he used "the old standby of restraint" on Bean Sunday night.  Bean hadn't taken a nap, so he was way beyond tired.  He was running around and jumping and crashing into stuff and yelling.  Restraining Bean is something we have used to get him to sleep since he was probably about 6 months old.  Back then, he would be popping on and off nursing, climbing me, head butting me, etc.  I would turn him to face away from me and sing a verse of something in his ear and let him get to full-tilt screaming.  It would take all of 15-20 seconds, and then I'd turn him toward me and he'd settle right down and nurse to sleep.  This has never worked with Squeak when he has a rare restless night, by the way; Squeak just fusses, relaxes, fusses, relaxes.  Their temperaments are very different!

Anyhow, Sunday night The Beast told Bean he needed to calm down or he would restrain him.  Bean refused.  The Beast restrained him until he went through the screaming of "DON'T 'STWAIN ME!" and got to calmly saying "ok.  I'm ready to be calm and sleep now."  Then he thrashed for a bit getting situated in the blankets and was asleep in about two minutes.

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