Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This Week in Sleep...

I keep meaning to write about sleep in our household, but it is ever-evolving.  Bean has never been anything that would be called a "good sleeper."  Squeak generally goes to sleep easily and stays asleep well.  He's everything I imagined the phrase "sleeps like a baby" entailed.  I know how lucky I am and I am amused every day that he hasn't decided to stop sleeping, wake up every 45 minutes to nurse, nurse all night, or refuse to nap.  Bean is the sticky wicket (or the sleepy wicket?).

Here's a quick overview of our current attitude about sleep.  First, we have completely thrown convention out the window.  Long ago we realized that the schedules we were "supposed" to be on were not helping anything.  8PM bedtimes have been the exception, not the rule.

Currently, The Beast sleeps with Bean and I sleep with Squeak.  This has been the case since Squeak was still The Thing (aka a fetus).  Bean's bed was briefly in our room on the floor next to our bed because he was waking up in the middle of the night and walking through the house screaming, and we were all ending up awake.  Moving him into our room meant he could make a peep and The Beast could roll down onto his bed (a full-sized mattress on the floor).  Better sleep for all.

This eventually morphed into Bean being back in his room, where I used to end up sleeping the second half the night...but instead The Beast did, since I was going to have a newborn.  It was a really smooth transition.

Right before Daylight Savings this year, Bean had given up his nap and was going to bed really early.  Like 6:30.  It was awesome.
But then, between Daylight Savings, longer days, and his realization that this was majorly cutting into his Daddy Time, Bean started refusing to go to sleep.  And this is a skill Bean has perfected over his 3.25-year lifetime:  not sleeping when he's freak-out exhausted.  So we got him to start taking naps again, and they are pretty long - sometimes over 3 hours!  And then he's up until 10, 11, even midnight sometimes.

A couple months ago, he was consistently the last person awake in the house.  He would play quietly in the living room and eventually fall asleep on the couch or floor.  Once, he followed me around like a sleepy puppy dog until I went in to get Squeak back to sleep.  I came out and Bean was passed out on the floor right outside the door.  He slept there all night.

In any case, I figured I would try and document each week what goes on around here - my thought being that others might benefit from some of the ideas.  Generally, I now get enough sleep.  When I don't, it's almost always my own fault (like now, when I'm up blogging and generally putzing around on the internet at 12AM and will get up at 6AM so I can run...).

I will try to post each edition on Saturday mornings.  This will be my first attempt at really regular blogging!  (I feel like we should take bets on how long it will last.  Will I even make it through the first post on time?)

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