Sunday, August 28, 2011

Upcoming Bloggiversary!

A few weeks shy of a year ago, I was many weeks pregnant with Squeak, on bedrest, and decided to start this blog.  I wrote my first post on September 17, 2010 thinking I would mostly write about the changes toward healthier living that my family has made and continues to make.  I was also pretty sure there would be a lot of nerdiness (there has been a lot less than I would have anticipated, probably because I have mother-of-two brain...).

Over the past 11+ months, I have also struggled with issues of identity - as a mother, as a woman, and as an individual - and I have had some pretty big growing pains in becoming a mother-of-two and also becoming the mother of a bright, creative, strong-willed preschooler.  I continue to struggle with these things and feel in and out of sync with my older child and will certainly be writing more about all of that in the future!

I'm really glad to have this outlet, and excited to see where the next year will take me and the blog.

All that said, I feel like I should celebrate my "bloggiversary" with you, my readers.  But I'm not sure exactly how!  I do actually have a giveaway in the works, but I doubt it's going to come together by the 17th.  So, I thought I might invite you all to ask me anything.  Is there something I haven't covered that you keep hoping I will get to?  Is there something about me - my parenting style, my background, my outlook, whatever - that you find intriguing and would like to know more about?

It's the fact that people are actually reading my blog that keeps me writing at all - and I have very much enjoyed getting my writing chops back (and shaking the dust off that mother-of-two brain every now and then!).

So thanks, reader.  How shall we celebrate?

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