Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Your Rhymes-with-Mulva...on a string?

You probably missed it, but when I wrote about cloth menstrual pads, I linked to this Etsy shop, called VulvaLoveLovely.  Some friends and I had had a really good laugh about it, because who wouldn't want to snuggle a giant plush uterus or or a vulva-inspired pillow?!?

Then we found the portaits.  Yeah.  The buyer is supposed to send a picture (or several) of her vulva.  This took me from giggles to "huh???"

And then today I read the seller's bio, and I'm understanding the goal much better...but wondering if the necklaces would really be interpreted as "pretty" or maybe just scream "VULVA!  ON A PRETTY RIBBON!"

I like the idea.  I'm all for pulling back curtains on the totally f'ed up expectations women have of their bodies and themselves, but I think I might draw the line at wearing a portrait of my vulva as a necklace?  Actually, I think I'd draw the line well above my vulva; I think I'd rather start with making people comfortable with flashes of nipple in public (you know, to nurse in public.  I'm not looking to get comfortable flashing you for the heck of it.  Yet.)  Perhaps with some of these Boobie Beanies around.

Alternatively, The Shape of a Mother and the gallery of non-sexualized photos of breasts at 007b are also great for reclaiming the norms of the female body through awareness.  Shape of a Mother is hopefully coming out with The Shape of a Woman soon - so it won't be related to motherhood!

Thoughts?  Would you wear a vulva necklace for the symbolism?  What if it were a zebra print?

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