Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How I am doing

I just wanted to tell everyone explicitly that I am doing really well with the story of my mother's death being made public.  I am distracted, but not by the sort of grief or anxiety I thought I might be stricken with.  Instead, I am distracted by frustration. 

I am frustrated that messages about women's health are still not getting out.  I am frustrated that women do not know the signs of a heart attack.  I am appalled to read in discussions about how many seeking medical attention are told they're anxious and narrowly escape death by luck, a shift change, or persistence.  And where is diagnostic testing in this?  It appears these tests cannot be trusted, and I am working on asking a specialist about this.  How, after we are informed, are we to advocate for ourselves when a problem can't be detected?

So I'm distracted from my usual tasks and spending a lot more time on Facebook (and now Google+ because what did Facebook just do to itself?!?) posting various things to various groups and pages and responding to posts attempting to spark or continue discussions. 

I am giving in and allowing myself to focus on this - to be distracted elsewhere.  I'll deal with the mail piling up and the dishes to be washed and errands to run at some point.  The family is fed on our usual fare.  My kids are attended to (if I disappear for awhile it's because Climb-a-palooza is happening with Squeak and I have to keep a close eye on his antics...).  I'm going to let myself be focused on this for a little while, though.  It is so important to me that word gets out about women and heart disease.  I don't want another child to experience what my sister and I did.

Quick and dirty fact list:

  • #1 killer of women over age 20.
  • Kills more women every year than the next four causes of death combined.
  • Symptoms of heart attack in women often differ from men.
  • 90% of women have at least one risk factor for heart disease.
  • Most women do not know it is the #1 killer.
  • Even those who do know tend to think it's not a threat to their own life - they are not aware of their own risk factors.
  • Check out Go Red's website - tell 5 women you want them to live, take the risk assessment, read the facts, check out BetterU

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