Friday, September 30, 2011

Mom's Milestones

A few months ago, I set a goal for myself of running a 5K in under thirty minutes on A-Train's first birthday.  I chose a training plan and stuck to it pretty closely.  I recruited The Beast to cheer me on with the kids.  I mentioned it to a friend and neighbor and she volunteered to come cheer me on as well - possibly even with her twins in tow.

I've been sick for most of September with three separate colds.  And I had an injury to my back last week that was minor but nonetheless sidelined me for a few days.  I'm still congested and coughing occasionally from this last cold.  A-Train is still getting over a cold and ear infection and not sleeping as well as usual.  I wasn't sure I would accomplish my goal, but decided I would be proud of myself if I just ran the whole thing.  If I could go without walking or running so slowly I might as well be walking, then GO ME.

I got going about thirty minutes later than planned, mainly because The Beast didn't realize I wanted them out on the route cheering for me and Bean slept in a little.  I really wanted to make a big deal out of this - it was a goal purely for me.  This was my milestone.  This wasn't celebrating that I helped my children accomplish something, or done for any other reason than to say I did it.  Besides, when will I ever be able to make one of my children's birthdays about me again?  Ahhhh!  Selfishness!  I miss you...

So Bean and A-Train were in the double stroller.  A-Train beamed at me, just loving being outside in the morning air and having me look back at him as I walked out to my starting line (this was not an actual race - I chose the route and the date and The Beast was my official timer).  Bean yelled, "On you mark.  Get set!  GO!"  I was off.

A half-mile from the finish line, The Beast and the boys were waiting for me.  Bean told me to "stop now," and The Beast spent the rest of the race explaining why I wouldn't stop as he ran with the double stroller to keep up with me! 

As I neared the finish line, I spotted someone standing at the bus stop with a dog...which are not allowed on the bus!  Then I realized it was that friend and neighbor, sans twins but with pooch.  She took a picture as I sprinted toward my finish line.

My official time was 28:04.65!!  I beat my goal by almost two full minutes.

As we walked the short distance home, Bean recounted the whole story of the race from his perspective, ending with "then we trudged home behind you!"

I explained that "trudging" is not a good thing - it usually means you're pretty unhappy.  He said, "we need a different espwession!"  (That would be "expression.")  We came up with several, but the upshot is that we all had a great time.  And I feel like a badass.
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