Friday, October 14, 2011

Grandpa's Long Oakmeal

With cooler weather starting (and stopping....and starting...and stopping...), I have stopped making my weekly double-batch of granola and started making steel-cut oats.

Bean loves oatmeal.  He usually has "short oakmeal"  (rolled oats, made quickly by pouring boiling water over them and soaking for a few minutes) for breakfast instead of granola.  My father-in-law makes steel-cut oats every morning and Bean was thrilled to eat multiple bowls every morning while we were there.

So I have started using Grandpa's recipe for "long oakmeal," and making a huge batch of it (8 servings - all I can fit in my double-boiler) at a time.  It's stored in the fridge and re-heated in the morning, adding a splash of milk.

Ingredients (per serving)
-1/4 c. steel-cut oats
-1 c. water
-1 TBSP ground flax seed (I grind them in an old blade coffee grinder)

-1 TBSP wheat germ
-1 TBSP chia seed (this is in Grandpa M's current recipe, but The Beast doesn't like the texture in the oatmeal, so I omit)

Fill the bottom of a double boiler with as much water as you can and still have the top pan sit properly.

Stir together all ingredients in the top of the double boiler, multiplying for number of servings you want.

Cook at low to medium low for about 2 to 2-1/2 hours.  Stir occasionally.  Watch the water in the bottom of the double boiler to make sure you don't boil it dry.  You'll have to experiment with your stove settings, pan characteristics, and the texture of your oats to figure out what works best.  You can shorten the cooking time by using a higher temperature, but then you really have to watch the water level.

Leftovers freeze, refrigerate, and reheat very well.

Top with what you like.  We tend to go with brown sugar, and berries if we have them.  How about you?

Also, I have a friend with a really tasty steel-cut oats recipe involving a grated apple...I'm sort of hoping she'll pop in and leave it in the comments!

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