Monday, October 3, 2011

My Life List, ca 2006

Me.  August, 2006.  (The only picture from this time period I seem to have on my computer...)

I'm doing a ton of decluttering - both physical and digital - and found this life list.  I am not entirely sure when I wrote it, but I'm pretty certain it was in late 2006 or early 2007.  It had to have been after we were married (because our honeymoon was in Wales), and it had to have been before I decided to go back to school for music (which never really happened because I got re-accepted for my Master of Music and then found out I was pregnant with Bean).  It also must have been somewhat shortly after we were married, because I was a fairly proficient knitter by the end of that summer.

In any case, I found it amusing in terms of how I have and have not changed, especially after I looked through posts for A-Train's birthday and saw the one I wrote about my identity.  I will comment now in purple.

1. Write my memoirs (perhaps get them published) - Well I certainly still like to write about myself...

2. Return to Wales and speak more Welsh! -- see the rest of The Beast's
dreamed-about castles! - I still love languages and cultures and architecture, and would go anywhere with The Beast.  The Beast especially makes history (and even more especially medieval history) fascinating for me.

3. Experience pregnancy, Experience motherhood, See my child(ren) graduate
from high school and college, get married, and have their own children. - I guess I can check off the first two goals here!  And probably the rest of them are now my #1 life goal.

4.  adopt or be a foster parent? - I'm still interested in this.  The Beast reads my blog sometimes and might be a little freaked out.  It's ok, babe.  I don't plan to press you on it, but I still have a feeling that this opportunity is going to present itself. 

5. Spend a period of 3 months travelling with my husband abroad - This has now morphed into a hope that we will be able to spend a sabbatical abroad, immersing our children in some completely different culture, possibly doing volunteer work.

6. Grow old with The Beast - Working on it!

7. Learn to knit (in progress!) - Done!

8. Learn to crochet - Not done!

9. Make a dress - I still have a fear of sewing machines.

10. Make up my own knitting pattern! - Who has time to knit?!?

11. Get over my fear of sewing machines See #9

12. Take a volunteerism trip to Africa - I have no idea why I specified Africa.  I'd like to take a volunteerism trip anywhere.  Even within the U.S.

13. Own a house outright (no mortgage!)  - Wow man.  I was thinking big.

14. Compete in something again (music? A sport? Somethin' brainy?)...and
win! - I'm wondering, younger self, if competing against a three-year-old counts?  I have yet to beat him in the carseat race...

15. Return to Italy and learn more Italian! - How did I not realize that becoming a mother was going to end many possibilities of travel??

16. Visit Paris (with The Beast!) - Maybe someday...

17. Visit Israel - I'm now very conflicted about Israel.

18. Take a trip with my sisters - Sisters?  Are you reading this?  Again, though, how did I not realize this stuff was not going to have to wait once I had kids?

19. Visit Russia - try to find out where my family lived? - I would still love to...

What's on your life list?
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