Monday, October 10, 2011

Things I've Learned From My Children

At 2:30AM on Sunday, I found Bean asleep and surrounded by Legos near the front door (which is just outside his bedroom).

  1. Birth can be terrifying yet still exhilirating and empowering.
  2. Breastfeeding does not always come naturally.
  3. Babies nurse every 45 minutes.  Sometimes toddlers do, too.
  4. Babies and children do not play on their own.
  5. Babies and children do not sleep.  Especially when tired.
  6. I'm a pretty good mom, but I could improve in some areas.  
  7. Babies and children can really focus on long-term projects like improving their parents' patience and flexibility.
  8. Stubborn mom plus stubborn kid can get ugly.
  9. Let. it. go.
  10. Some babies/kids won't eat more than nibbles of solid food until they are a year old.
  11. Babies hate their dads.
  12. Toddlers and preschoolers worship their dads.
  13. Even the baby/toddler who rages and scratches and screams until they just about vomit when you try to night wean them will eventually do so pretty easily.  And they'll even eventually fall asleep alone.  But probably anywhere but in bed.

A-Train cannot yet walk, but he almost got up onto this bench - which was too high to get his knee up onto - using his upper body strength.

  1. Labor and delivery can be incredibly easy and entirely lack fear.
  2. Breastfeeding can be a difficult road even if you've got great support, literally years of experience doing it, you're informed, and you're proactive.
  3. Babies who nurse every couple of hours (except during growth spurts) and spread feedings out from there do exist.
  4. Some babies can even be left home with a full belly but without Mom for a couple of hours and you won't come home to find them in hysterics on their father's shoulder as their father wears noise-cancelling headphones and trails the cord as he paces the length of the house...
  5. Babies play on their own.
  6. Babies sleep when they're tired.
  7. There is no such thing as babyproof when you have a climber.
  8. I am an awesome and loveable and comforting mom.  I should never change.
  9. Some babies eat everything...
  10. Parts of a cocktail umbrella can pass through the stomach and lodge in the colon.
  11. A post-colonoscopy baby farts a lot.
  12. Your hair, outfit, floor, baby, baby's outfit, and several burp cloths can be soaked in spit-up and your baby is still getting plenty to eat. 
  13. Babies are lukewarm on their dads.
  14. Babies love their siblings.
  15. Quiet mobile baby = trouble
  16. Babies will wake up, look around, smile at you, and fall on their faces asleep again.  

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