Sunday, October 2, 2011

This week in sleep

A-Train sleeps in some of the most uncomfortable positions I can imagine.  This is how he napped this morning.  Last night he fell asleep on his right side with his right arm pinned mostly behind him and his left arm hanging behind on top of him.  Stretching his pectorals or something?!?
I completely forgot last weekend's edition of This Week in Sleep.  And I am a day late on this week's. 

This week in sleep, A-Train got his first ear infection.  I don't even remember what day that was.  ...I think Tuesday night/Wednesday morning?  I got over my third cold of the month, ran a 5K feeling on-the-mend, and then promptly came down with my fourth cold of the month of September.  Just in time for October.

A-Train has been on antibiotics and generally feeling better.  He had a 100.9 fever and drainage from one ear, plus he was screaming and not sleeping.  Now he is snotty and coughing occasionally, but he's at least smiling and laughing as he covers the couch, me, toys, the dog, etc in boogers.

Bean is on some sort of Duplos bender.  He stays up until who-knows-when building impressively huge, sturdy stuff.  We're pretty sure he is often up until 11PM.  I usually am in bed by 9:30PM and The Beast is asleep by 10PM, but Bean builds quietly in his room - quietly except for the tell-tale click-click-click of the Duplos.  The Beast is asleep not far from him, and one night this week woke up to pee at 11:30 and Bean was laying in bed mumbling.  Probably reciting from a book or a video...

Bean is taking solid 2-hour naps.  Sometimes 3-hour naps.  As long as everyone gets the sleep they need, I just don't worry about it anymore!
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