Sunday, October 23, 2011

This Week in Sleep (Is it really almost November?)

Reflection of a sleeping Bean on our way back from a hike.
Tuesday, Bean did not know that he had just taken a 4+ hour nap...   When I informed him he had been in his room for 4 hours (never mind the fact that I had gone in there and he was definitely asleep), he told me "I was in there for 4 hours with my eyes wide open."

At one point awhile back (probably a year ago), we thought he was lying when he would tell us he had slept, but we have realized that he really has no idea when he has or has not slept.  If he so much as dozes off for a split second - or pretends to sleep - he might think he has taken a nap.  But, then again, if he takes a 4-hour nap he might think he hasn't slept at all.

My kid has a strange relationship with sleep.  He also stayed up until sometime after midnight one night this week because he was determined to finish building a hydra out of Duplos.  He and The Beast had been looking at pictures and talking about the mythology of the Hydra before bed...and Bean just became fixated.  He hadn't even napped that day, so we figured he would fall asleep early....but no.  He wasn't flipping out as he does when he clearly needs sleep.  He was just focused.  The Beast found him asleep in the living room at 4AM, completed hydra next to him and miscellaneous Duplos scattered around him (similar to the scene at the top of this post).

And my other kid slept on a mini-trampoline this week and fell asleep in a playground-style swing last week.  When A-Train is tired, he pretty much just sleeps.  No fighting it, no resisting it.  He is Bean's sleepy antithesis.

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