Sunday, October 30, 2011

Today's the Day.

In a couple of hours, I am heading to El Paso.  The city where I lived until I was 14.  The city where my mother died.  I haven't been in  almost 2 years.  Tomorrow (or possibly tonight) I will start going through Mom's stuff (furniture, clothes, random household items, I'm sure some unexpected things), and also my journals from middle school and high school.  And photo albums.  I'm sure to bring a few small things home with me.  Most of it I will catalogue and discuss with my sister to decide what to do with it later. 

We both live very far from El Paso, so transporting all of this to our homes right now isn't really an option.  My little family of four will be moving in the next year or two, so we will possibly pick up the furniture mid-move...we will see. 

I am looking forward to looking through stuff and seeing things I have been thinking about.  Apprehensive, because I know there will be things I have not thought about in years.  The sting of lost memories is harsh.

I'm not going to be very hippy-crunchy for a little while.  I haven't even been able to run in a few days - I tried at our hotel (we're in San Antonio), but couldn't find a safe running route and the treadmill tried to kill me.

And after a few days in a hotel, I am definitely looking forward to some vegetables and drinking a lot more milk and water!

I will possibly post a few pictures of things I find!

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