Sunday, November 6, 2011

I'm baaa-aaaack! And I have SCARVES!

I'm settling back in at home after 10 days away - the latter half of which was sans The Beast while I sorted through many of my mother's things.  It was all really wonderful, actually.  It was fun to see all these things that surrounded me as a child, and it brought back a lot of (good) memories. 

We arrived in El Paso on Sunday, and I went for a 5-mile run on Monday.  I ran through my very old neighborhood - the place where I lived until I was about 6.  Everything seemed so....small.

I remembered everything about that house and neighborhood as being bigger - I suppose because I was smaller.  The driveway looked tiny.  Didn't I used to ride a tricycle around in that driveway?  The field across the street looked smaller - I had just run around it, and that wasn't very far... 

I ran to the cul de sac at the other end of the neighborhood and stopped momentarily at the stone wall.  I spent a good deal of time in that cul de sac as a child.  Dear friends of ours had lived there - what seemed like a long walk around the corner at the time.  Those friends had moved out of the neighborhood just a bit after we had - this was "the old neighborhood" for both families.

After Mom died, my sister and I lived with those friends.  So this neighborhood has significance as part of the continuous threads in my often-fractured life.

Anyhow, I stood at that stone wall and looked into the field beyond.  Was it always this small?  I looked to my right, trying to see where I knew our old backyard was.  I tried to recall the layout of the yard...wasn't it bigger than that?

I was trying to recall all of this when the dog barking in a nearby house was let loose and started running toward me.  I took it as a sign to get going on my run again.

I ran by the old house and realized the sidewalks were unusually narrow.  How did I not recall that?  Really?  The sidewalks were always unusually small?!?

I noted that I have only a vague recollection of the layout of that house.

One item I hoped to find and did.  No bigger than a bread box!  (teehee!)
Anyhow, sorting through Mom's things was wonderful and strange.  Mostly the strange part was when I set aside several boxes for Goodwill and sent a few home with the babysitter.  I didn't expect to find such ordinary things, or things I felt no attachment to.  Like pots and pans, measuring cups, and Mom's food processor!

And then there were the antique sharp things - one was a pair of giant metal scissors.  My sister and I (on Skype) both said we didn't want them in our houses (she has three young children). 

When I saw things I remembered, I exclaimed "Oh.  My. Gosh."  Bean and A-Train were with me the first day - as we sort of took stock and came up with a rough plan of action for the following days.  I opened a few things...not knowing what I was going to find or what shape they would be in after 17 years and possibly being hastily-packed.  He started asking "what made you say 'Oh. My. Gosh?'"  And then he asked if he could have some of the candles we randomly found in a side table...  They are his treasures now; two very ordinary candles, now sitting on the shelf in his room.

And speaking of treasures, I had a blast going through my sister's things.  Like any good little sister would!  But, really, I went through them with her on Skype and we laughed about all her collections and treasures.  I realized just how normal and fantastic my 3.5-year-old is, with his treasuring of random candles, cicada shells, toothpicks, etc. 

I brought home a few of my own treasures, but have not had a chance to go through the boxes of my own things yet - next visit.  And Bean was not interested in my treasures.  He was too busy building a liopleurodon out of Duplos.

I posted the title image from this post on the Facebook page - the scarf/headband was my mother's, and I have many many more.  I'm thinking of doing a scarf-a-day challenge, trying to figure out how I want to wear/use/accessorize with all of these fabulous scarves, bandanas, and headbands. 

Anyway, stay tuned for some not-Mom-related blog entries, including another giveaway.  If you or someone you know is a baby- or toddler-wearing parent, you will want to enter this giveaway!!

And now, after one last picture of one of my finds....sleep.

Babywearing my old Cabbage Patch doll in a carrier that dangles her from my neck.  I believe this doll's name was "Nellie Iona."  Didn't Cabbage Patch dolls come with a birth certificate that informed you of their name?  "Nellie Iona" is not one I would have come up with on my own...

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