Friday, November 11, 2011

Kowalli Review and Giveaway!

A-Train in the Ergo and Kowalli, using his all-powerful 1-year-old index finger to point to something or other...

Last year I had a 6-week-old around the time I started planning my holiday wish lists, and what I really wanted was to be able to keep up an active lifestyle into the colder months.  I was already doing crazy things like wearing The Beast's quilted flannels on my front to cover A-Train in the Ergo, and I was freezing my buns off having to take off my own coat in the grocery store parking lot so I could load up A-Train, then get him covered up.

I looked at a lot of carrier covers.  I wanted something that would allow me to keep my coat on in a parking lot situation - I can wear the Ergo over my coat, and I wanted something I could easily cover A-Train with at that point.  I wanted us both to stay warm!  But I didn't want to have to fuss with a carrier cover to get it attached or detached when I went from outdoors to wearing A-Train around the house

When I first came across the Kowalli, I was skeptical.  It was a completely different design from all the other carrier covers, which either attached to the carrier or went on the parent like a vest and then zipped the baby in.  I wasn't even 100% sure how this cover worked.  I contacted Kowalli directly and received a prompt and wonderful reply from Alizah Holstein (the owner and designer). 

Alizah explained that all you had to do to use the Kowalli was load your baby up with your jacket open (so they aren't pressed against any zippers or buttons) and put the Kowalli on over that.  You can cinch in the top and bottom with elastic drawstrings and seal in the body heat of yourself and your precious cargo.  Plus, the Kowalli has an assymetrical design that drapes to allow you to wear your baby on your front or your back.  And now, with an almost-toddler, I make the bottom into a pocket by flipping it under A-Train's feet - the cinched elastic keeps it from letting his feet dangle into the cold.  It is like being wrapped in a deluxe fleece blanket!

Snuggly Self-Portrait
I use my Kowalli frequently in cold weather.  Last year, I tucked it into his carseat as a blanket and then bundled A-Train into the grocery store in blustery weather.  I even nursed him within the Kowalli and Ergo (that was, admittedly, some hard work to get set up, especially since - have I mentioned this? - he was a crappy nurser...).  Already this fall, A-Train and I have cuddled up in the Kowalli to walk Bean to school.  He even fell asleep as a sitter snuggled him in there one morning!

Everywhere we go in the Kowalli, I get comments.  It is just so cozy-looking!  (And it feels as cozy as it looks.)  The Kowalli is made of thick, soft, durable Polar Fleece.  Almost a year - and many uses - later, and it is still snuggly soft and looks like new.  And it is so warm that I sometimes go without a jacket - the combined body heat from A-Train and me in the Kowalli is perfect for crisp fall days.  It even has a pocket on the front where you can cozy up your own hands while hugging or patting your babe. 

Obviously, I love the Kowalli and think it is a high-quality and very functional product!  The fact that it is all made in the U.S.A. is a huge bonus.  And Alizah has been a friendly and generous business owner, providing wonderful customer service.  Not only was she always prompt in her replies to questions, but once I had and loved my Kowalli I asked if she would donate one for a fundraiser - and she did!

Well, now she is also giving away a Kowalli (a $69 value) to one reader of this blog!  The giveaway officially starts at 12:01AM Eastern Standard Time (Sorry - I couldn't get Rafflecopter to change that default!)

To enter, follow the instructions on and fill out the Rafflecopter form below.  If you are new to Rafflecopter, you can watch a video here about entering giveaways that use Rafflecoper.: 

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