Monday, November 7, 2011

On monetizing this blog

I have been giving this a lot of thought lately.  Obviously anyone who blogs would be lying if they said they didn't think of making money from it.  It would be nice - I enjoy writing here, and who doesn't want to make money doing something they enjoy?!?

In fact, I should "come clean" about the fact that this blog is already very slightly monetized.

I have had a post drafted for months that I have not gotten around to finishing that simply states that my Amazon links are affiliate links.  If I understand it correctly, when you click links to Amazon and make a purchase that day I get a teeny tiny percentage of the purchase.  This was the simplest - and least bothersome - way for me to monetize the blog.  I was already linking to Amazon when I mentioned books I was reading or products I was using, so why not make a penny here and there without changing anything?

I would also like to take some advertising for companies and products I already love, but I think I need to grow my readership some more before I really try for that (but, hey, if I know and love your company or product and you are interested in advertising on Contentedly Crunchy at present, shoot me an email at contentedlycrunchy at gmail dot com and let's chat!).

I am not sure that I want to regularly do product reviews, though I am contemplating soliciting one for a product I very much want to try and that fits with the themes of this blog.  But, if I did product reviews on a regular basis, I fear I would constantly be questioning whether I like a product more because it was free, or whether I am telling myself I like it because liking it might get me more free stuff.  Obviously I have a really loud conscience and overthink everything!

I wanted to explicitly say all of this before I put up a second giveaway (I'm hoping for end of this week or beginning of next).  I am hoping these giveaways will grow my readership, which would enable me to take on a little advertising, which would justify my spending some more time writing - which would benefit me because I enjoy it.  So, if you would like to see me writing more, please participate in the giveaways and refer your friends to participate as well!

And I welcome any and all thoughts on this topic.  If you are sad or angry or glad or ambivalent to hear that I might monetize this blog (or that I already kind of have), I want to hear about it.

Photo Credit:  DonkeyHotey on Flickr
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