Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Scarf-a-Day Challenge

I don't even know how many scarves are in the box from my mom's stuff, but I've decided to find out by wearing a different one every day until I've worn every single one.  I'm on Day 12 and have hardly made a dent!  Some of them are goofy - there is a Texas flag bandana, one from an Olympics (I believe 1988), and on with hot air balloons that I suspect Mom picked up in Albuquerque at the hot air balloon festival (in fact, I think I might recall it - just as I recall the giant Mr. Peanut balloon...).

I've been wearing scarves and taking pictures every day - so a happy side effect of this experiment is that there are now recent pictures of me!  (Though I feel a little silly seeing my face all over my blog.)

Anyhow, here are photos of my scarf adventures so far!

Day 1

Day 2.  Yes, same shirt as yesterday.  I only wore it for a couple hours.  (I swear.)
Day 3.  There were a few potential looks for this scarf.  This one won.

Day 4.  Gauzy beige around a ponytail.

Day 5.  Brown, and beige with blue-accented swallows.  Probably my favorite scarf so far.

Day 6.  Blue gauzy around a ponytail (in the Kowalli - have you entered to win yet?)
Day 7.  Bandana to keep my hair out of my face while we chill around the house!

Day 8.  This one was too small to go around my head, but it's very cute and cheerful.  I was given the suggestion to wear it around my wrist - will do that next time!

Day 9.  This one gave me a little trouble because it is a fairly large square and the fringe means it could be mistaken for a shrunken tablecloth (in a good way?)

Day 10.  Polka dotted scarf belt while I snuggle a sick A-Train.

Day 11.  This one also gave me some trouble.  I didn't want to fold it too much because I like the pattern, which is not really a repeating pattern.  It was waaaaay too big to go on my head, though.  It looked like I was wearing a windsock.

Day 12.  Don't Mess With Texas!

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