Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lacing Cards, Mt. Play Dough, and The Kid Who Expects Creativity...

Rescue Plane!
(I have been really behind on posting about the fun stuff we've been doing...so I'm catching up!  These activities were from August '11.)

I have said before that I have a hard time knowing how Bean will play with various items, or what direction he will take a given project in.  These homemade lacing cards were a perfect example!

The set-up was that I bought some large pieces of craft foam, and found some outlines to print.  I taped the printed outlines (he was obsessed with airplanes at the time, so that was a requirement!) onto the foam and cut it out.  Easy.  Then I used a hole punch to make holes and put tape at each end of a length of nylon cord (they didn't have good laces for my purposes when I went to Hobby Lobby...).

Bean colored on the paper, practiced using scissors, and punched holes in the scrap paper while I was getting everything set.  I showed him how to lace it, but he just wanted me to do it.  I figured he would watch this time and do it later.  No.  He had a plan.  Once it was all laced up, he flew it around and declared it a "rescue plane."  The dangling end of cord was a ladder!

An airplane flies over Mt. Play Dough
With the scraps of red and orange craft foam left over from the lacing cards, I prepared another project.  Bean was into volcanoes a little at the time, and had been watching a video explaining the different parts and types.  I made some play dough and colored it brown.  I expected he'd make a mound of play dough, stick in the foam "flames" or "lava" or whatever he wanted to call it, and be done.  He took it two steps further.

First, he grabbed the salt shaker from his play kitchen and told me "this is going to be the magma chamber."  He built his volcano around that and then ran off and built a plane.  We had recently flown over Mt. Rainier on our way back from Washington State - he reenacted that!

I rarely try and come up with activities for Bean anymore.  He comes up with his own plans and then asks for help in executing them.  I have made armor, weapons (yeah, we're in that phase!), animals, beards, masks, etc...from whatever we have around the house.  Masking tape is a favorite construction tool!

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