Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Goals for 2012

I don't "do" New Years Resolutions.  But I do have two, possibly three, possibly-attainable goals for 2012.  (Look at me hedging on these goals...)

1) Get everyone out of diapers.  At least during the daytime.  If A-Train potty trains at the same age Bean did, that puts us at the end of October 2012.  So far he has less interest/patience for the potty (why yes...I am one of those people who has a potty around for her infant...I suppose I should blog about that, huh?).  So, we'll see.  But I am really over diapers.

2) Do a pull-up.  Unassisted.  I got a door gym as an early birthday present from The Beast to help me meet this goal.  Unfortunately we need to get extenders for it because our door frames are too wide.  Argh.

3) ...dare I say this?  I want to finally run a half marathon.  I have run 8 miles a couple of times.  I was training for a half marathon when I got pregnant with Bean.  The one I am planning to run will take place two days after his 4th birthday!  So I will probably run the half.  But I have so much negative self-talk around it that I can't quite declare that I will do it.  Even though, oddly, it is probably the most likely to happen of these three desires.  I mean, I have little-to-no control over whether A-Train potty trains when I want him to (because, you know, he's a toddler and only going to become more opinionated in the next year!), and I have never done a pull-up ever.  And yet it is the half marathon that is psyching me out!

Self-talk is bizarre.

Anyhow, I plan to ring in the new year in my sleep.  We just arrived back home today, and we are all exhausted.  I will be heading to bed shortly and it's only 9:45PM...

Happy New Year, blog readers!  I hope it will be a good year for us all!

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