Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Toddlers in the kitchen...helping

I wondered what sorts of activities you readers used to occupy your toddlers while you are working in the kitchen. I am often or washing dishes.

A-Train usually wants to be at the counter doing something - or doing what I am doing. He has a thing for water and knives right now.

I put him on a step stool with food and drink (as pictured); give him a fork and fruit and let him practice; give him a tub with a little water, a rag, and some plastic dishes (messy, but it's it's a clean mess...).

This is a fun and sometimes trying age (15 months) with A-Train. He is alllllmost verbal and so frustrated when we don't understand or comply with his wishes. He is also so sweet. There are kisses and snuggles and clinging and whining. And signing and roaring and calling the dog and asking to nurse and chasing the dog and emulating his brother and actually now playing with his brother!  (And there is hitting and crying and pushing and pinching and...."Hey, Mom!  A-Train is <insert thing he shouldn't be doing here>!")
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