Monday, February 13, 2012

Annnnnnnnnd GO!

The Beast being the Sexiest Man Alive by wearing an ugly red shirt in honor of the mother-in-law he never met, and A-Train being a darn adorable Go Red superhero (note the cape!) for the National Day to Wear Red.  This picture is only tangentially related to this post.

I'm starting out an exceptionally busy week with a dog who is bleeding from his butt.  There is no other way to say it.  My dog's butt is bleeding!  We don't know what happened.  The Beast will be taking him to the vet shortly.

I've just returned from my nephrology appointment - test results, prognosis, etc are all the same (phew!) but we're raising my dosage on one blood pressure medication.  *sigh*  This is the same medication that I think gave me leaden legs a few months ago.  At least I know that will pass!

Tomorrow The Beast is gone late (as he is every Tuesday).  Wednesday he is leaving for a conference, where he is presenting a paper.  Wednesday is also Brea Day.  I'll have to explain that in another post.  He'll be back Saturday evening (it was originally going to be Friday, but this morning his transportation back home changed and blah blah blah I'm a supportive partner and he is ending up staying another day).

Friday I am driving a little over an hour each way to speak at a Go Red For Women Luncheon.  Bean will stay with a sitter, and A-Train will come up with me (a volunteer will wrangle him during my speech).  I'm essentially speaking this.  To a thousand people.  BreatheInBreatheOutBreatheInBreatheOut.  OhmmmmOhmmmmmmmOHMMMMMMMM.  Just kidding.  A little. 

I have a couple of blog entries ready to go if I can't write one or two days this week.  Obviously I'm going to be running from one thing to another and also trying to keep the house from imploding.  Thank goodness there are many jars of soup, spaghetti sauce, beans, and pumpkin puree in the fridge and freezer, in addition to some frozen stir-fry vegetables!

Ready......Set......!  Go!

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