Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Brea Day Eve!

To the rest of the world it may be Valentine's Day, but to us it is Brea Day Eve!  More on the origins of Brea Day in a moment.

First, please allow me to regale you with a tale that will possibly turn you off to chocolate for the remainder of the day (a good thing!  Heart-shaped chocolates can be found for 50% off on Brea Day!).  You might also be a vegetarian by the end of this post.

Remember how I said my dog was bleeding from his butt?  Well, The Beast took him to the vet and was informed - apparently with very little concern and a we-see-this-all-the-time attitude - that the dog has a ruptured anal gland.

Given that I am a nerd and generally enjoy learning more about just about anything, you'd think maybe I would become fascinated with this?  No.  I pretty much stopped wanting to know anything about the dog's butt after the word "ruptured" was associated with it.  Maybe when I am feeling less shell-shocked I will go find out what an anal gland even is.

How do you treat this lovely condition?  Well, the vet expresses the gland.  (ew ew ew ew ew)  And then she sends you home with antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.

Then, as you are looking at your poor dog's exploded rear end to determine how much pain he might be in, how much more blood you can anticipate, etc...your preschooler says "Oh.  Is that....meat?  I think I see some meat!"

Ok.  Back on topic.  What the heck is Brea Day?  My birthday was over a month ago, but I have this whole holiday in my honor!  It started back in college, when The Beast and I were dating.  He refused to do anything having to do with Valentine's Day.  I told him that was lame - here I finally had someone to celebrate the holiday with and he was going to boycott it?  Come on!  I want romance!  It's all well and good to be like "blah blah blah I love you every day and don't need a special day to tell you I love you" but I wanted us each to do a little something extra to proclaim our undying love (or some such thing).

So he said, "fine.  February 15th can be Brea Day."

I rolled my eyes.  "You'll never remember."

Sure enough, he did.  And he has every year since.  Usually, we go out and get on-sale Valentine's Day candy.  One year he was being kind of a jerk (it may or may not have been due to a certain non-sleeping child of mine not sleeping and making us cranky.  I may or may not have also been a jerk) so I took myself out for my Brea Day treat and ate it sitting alone.  In my car.  Under a lamp in the grocery store parking lot. 

Ah!  Romance...
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