Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Favorite Toddler Activity

I started out with this when A-Train was about 9 months old.  I gave him an empty plastic honey bottle with the lid off, and I put some puffed corn in it.  He would shake and turn the bottle and eventually dump the puffed corn onto the floor and eat it.

Then, as his fine motor skills progressed, I left the lid off the bottle and gave him some q-tips.  He would focus so hard to get those q-tips into the bottle!

Then, around his first birthday, I put the lid on the bottle and he could get the q-tips into the bottle through the lid!

Incidentally, Bean loves to do this activity and also loves to set it up for A-Train.  It helps that "setting up" means dumping a bottle of q-tips on the floor. 

This video was taken a little over 3 months ago, but A-Train is still enjoying this activity (and still growling victoriously).  If ever I am comfortable allowing A-Train near toothpicks again, I would like to move to a smaller opening to put toothpicks through.  For now, the most recent alternative was beading large wooden beads onto pipe cleaners (he can't manage a lace yet).

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