Sunday, February 12, 2012

Never-ending measuring and pouring practice

I ask for an appreciate Bean's help any time he is willing to give it, but loading up a measuring spoon with liquid and dumping into a mixing bowl without spilling requires more fine motor control and focus than his almost-four-year-old, perpetual-motion self can generally muster.

So when my (imitation) vanilla extract ran out, I filled up the bottle with water and set him up to practice all he wanted.  It ended up keeping him occupied for about half an hour, he got in some great practice, and there was basically no prep time beforehand or clean-up afterward. Win!

It is essentially a measuring spoon, a mixing bowl, a funnel, and the bottle of water.  I had him do everything in a dish basin and a big tupperware to minimize a wet floor situation.
Focused on filling the spoon, then he dumped it in the mixing bowl.
When the bottle was empty, he refilled it using the funnel.  He loved every little step of this activity!
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