Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Olive oil and baby wipes: preparing for my day

This makes you think of washing your face, right?  No?
It is rare that I get a shower in the morning.  Sometimes I grab a shower during A-Train's nap (which is Bean's quiet time), or sometimes I will shower randomly in the middle of the morning or afternoon just because the opportunity arises. 

But I work out first thing in the morning before The Beast leaves for work, so I have to do something about my sweatiness before I feel appropriate showing up in public (like taking Bean to school).

My current non-shower routine involves a bottle of oil, a washcloth, some cloth wipes, and a spray bottle of (basically) soap and water.

The oil cleansing method (face)I have had "the oil cleansing method" on my list of things to try for a long time - since at least last May. In short, that means washing my face with oil.  Yes really.

I had stopped washing my face entirely for a host of reasons.  The top reason was time.  I had face wash that I never used because I was often brushing my teeth and getting into pajamas while someone or other flipped out wanting to nurse to sleep/back to sleep.  Sometimes I think they just wanted to instill the fear of G-d in me for the next time I thought of getting up out of bed while they were asleep. 

But anyway.  I also hated that skin-pulled-so-tight-you-think-your-face-might-burst feeling after washing my face.  And then I stopped wearing makeup regularly - The Beast prefers me without, and the babies definitely never cared.  So I didn't really feel I needed/desired/benefited from face wash anymore.  This posed a problem for the times I did wear makeup...but that was rare.

Before I had officially decided I was done with face wash, a friend mentioned the oil cleansing method.  She'd never tried it, but was intrigued and it struck her as something I'd be interested in (wash my face with something I can eat?  Why would I be interested in that?  Oh.)  Then a friend told me she was doing it and loved it, and then a reader I happened to meet in person once and run into later told me she was thinking of trying it.

So I finally did it.  I love it.  I don't do it every day, but I definitely do it when I'm sweaty and trying to make myself presentable without a shower.

Here's how I do it (so simple!):

1) In a squeeze bottle, mix equal parts castor oil and olive oil (There is a little more information about skin types and ratios and types of oils in this post.)
2) squeeze a dime-sized bit of oil onto your finger tips and massage into your skin.
3) Wet a washcloth with hot water from the tap - not so hot it is scalding!
4) place the washcloth on your face and let it steam your pores until it has cooled to room temperature.
5) wipe off the oil with the wash cloth

My skin is so soft afterwards!  And, yes, it feels clean.  My face isn't stinky, at least (*grin*).

Cleaning up the rest of meTo make sure I don't stink, and to cool off quickly (and stop sweating...), I use the diaper solution (basically castille soap and water in a spray bottle - sometimes I add a little essential oil) and cloth wipes.  Maybe that seems gross or weird?  Meh. 
I usually spray the wipe and use it wet (you could use a regular disposable wipe, of course).  I go through several wipes to get all areas of concern.  If I am still really sweating, I will spray myself directly.  It's cold and uncomfortable this time of year, but it does the trick!
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