Monday, February 6, 2012

Power drill, differing temperaments, and why it's nice to own crappy things.

Admiring his handy work
With two little kids and a tight budget, we don't have much in the way of nice things.  At one point years ago, The Beast built himself a desk.  It was (and is) very functional and not at all aesthetically pleasing.  I think it cost $20 and that might have included the saw.  That desk has since moved out to the back deck, where it holds plants that I am hardening off, acts as a fort, or allows Bean a chance to learn to use a power drill.

I can't even use the power drill!  I should really have Bean teach me, as I'm sure the skill would come in handy.

As I was looking through pictures last night, The Beast and I were commenting that A-Train will most likely not be allowed to so much as touch the drill at three years old.  Bean has always been pretty cautious when we tell him to be.  He was very careful with the drill and listened carefully to The Beast's instructions with it.  He takes danger very seriously, and he always has.  A-Train, on the other hand, is diving off of things, putting everything in his mouth (and sometimes swallowing...), grabbing at knives (his reach when there is a knife involved is unreal!), plays in the toilet, runs off when we're outside, heads straight for mud puddles, and generally gets quietly into trouble.  Thank goodness my older child is cautious, right?

**I've made it 6 days into February blogging every day!  Woot!  I'm really enjoying sitting down and writing every day, and I hope someone out there is enjoying reading it.  In any case, I think I will be able to keep it up through this week, but all bets are off next week.  I have to drive a ways to see my nephrologist.  Then The Beast is out of town for a few days, during which I am going to be spending a day in Indianapolis and speaking to about 1000 people about heart disease and my mother's death.  (Eek!)

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