Sunday, March 25, 2012

Making it work.

I'm known to be resourceful.  I enjoy creative problem-solving, and I've become accustomed to working with whatever I've got. At this point it's kind of fun and MacGyver-esque.

In my lifetime I have never wanted for love, I have never felt overwhelmingly unsafe (unstable, yes;  completely unsafe, no.), and I have never gone hungry.  I feel incredibly blessed.

I also have a long-standing problem asking for money (I have tried my hand at sales.  Wow am I ever bad at that...).  So this is an extremely humble and uncomfortable post.

Right now my family is a bit strapped for cash.  We are making it work.  We are not going hungry.  We will never be homeless.  I am very much looking forward to getting to work as a postpartum doula this spring and will contribute to our household income that way.  At times right now it seems like The Beast and I are making money appear out of thin air (in reality, some hard work of his, and some de-cluttering and resourcefulness of mine are paying off).  We are on steady footing, as long as nothing unexpected comes up ::knock on wood::

But I'm going to add a couple of items to the blog to generate a little extra money for my family.  And I do anticipate it being very little, but I view a few dollars as a cup of coffee with a friends, $20 is a trip to the farmer's market or a couple hours for a sitter so I can get a break.  $30 is a date with my husband.

The first thing, which I've already added, is an Amazon search box in the right-hand column.  If you're doing some shopping on Amazon anyway, please consider starting from that search box!  If you add something to your cart during that visit and buy it within 89 days, I get a percentage.  So this is a way for you to support me by buying stuff you'd buy anyway!

The second thing I am contemplating is a PayPal button where you can "buy me coffee" or otherwise contribute however much you'd like.  I'd ask for beer, but I don't like beer.  Maybe I'll ask for a night out with my husband that includes dinner, drinks, a hotel, and an all-night babysitter. 

As some of you know, I have been contemplating monetizing my blog for months.  I can't bring myself to do Google Adsense - no matter whether that would be more lucrative or not.  I want more control than that, and I would be so angry if something were advertised to my readers - implicitly giving my seal of approval - if I didn't actually approve of it.

The bottom line is that, at this point, it seems smart of me to utilize my blog as a potential resource.  If you're reading my blog, you hopefully find some value in it that might be worth a couple of bucks (or making a purchase that you'd have made anyway?).   As such, it seems silly for me to "leave money on the table," as it were, simply because I have a problem asking for money or trying to sell stuff to people. 

I'm nervously pressing "publish" and heading off to bite my nails now!
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