Monday, March 26, 2012

Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who told me (here, via email, and in a few places around the Facebook universe) to stop biting my nails and that you support my family!

I have got the PayPal "donation" button up, but intend to change the look of it soon - it's not exactly tax deductible, so the word "donation" seems wrong to me (or even possibly illegal?).  As such, I want to change it, but that is all that PayPal had to offer me!

The button is over to the right.  And, by the way, if I ever hit it big with disposable income, that stuff is getting a makeover!  Big time.

Whew.  This feels huge!

And of course, as a real thank you, I'm about to update my spaghetti sauce post with some pictures of the final product, and add a post with a quick kale recipe.  Enjoy!

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