Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The word of the day is "anthropomorphize."

A couple of weeks ago I pissed off my hip flexors.  I'm pretty sure it is specifically my psoas (pronounced "SO-azz"), which keeps popping.  It had been grumbling for awhile (probably years), but it went from kind of a "this again?"  to "BREA YOU ARE CRAZY WHAT ARE YOU THINKING OMG STOP IT I AM DONE."  And then it just up and walked away hurt so bad I limped for three days. 

I have been slowly (SO. SLOWLY.) trying to get my mileage back again, as I'm still hoping/planning to run my first half marathon on the 31st.  I did six miles this morning and had a conversation with my psoas almost the entire time.  (Maybe "psoas" should be the word of the day?)  It went like this:

Me:  Dude.  3-and-a-half weeks until I'm running a half marathon.  You realize I'm running whether you continue to revolt or not, right?

Psoas (entire body tense, eyes closed, chanting):  No hills no hills no hills no hills.

Me:  Suck it up!  I'll avoid the big, huge, long one and I'll go easy on the rest.  Chill out!

Psoas (curling up in a tight little ball and pulling on every neighboring muscle and bone):  Noooooooo we're on a hillllllll!

Me:  OMG please let go of my piriformis.  Please please please let go of my piriformis.  No need to involve her or anything else back there!  Just chill out.

......is it over?  It's over?  Oh that wasn't so bad.  Flat surface.  We're good!  It's all good!  This is nice.  NOOOOOO! ANOTHER HILL!

::Sigh::Of course I am running a course that is notoriously hilly.  The hills are infamous for their number, their length, and their...steepness?  Steeptitude?  Change in elevation?  In any case, there are a couple of steep doozies - one that is so steep, the sidewalk next to it is actually stairs.

I will be finishing this half marathon.  It's possible I will limp across the finish line and spend the next week in a bathtub full of ice, but I will be getting my finisher's medal and able to say I finished the darn thing.  It's paid for.  It's a long-time goal.  Done.

I might be a stubborn ass.
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