Monday, April 23, 2012

Race Report: Bean's first finisher's medal!

Yesterday was the spring iteration of the same race Bean attempted in the fall.  We all got up and ate breakfast.  Bean told me, "I'm not sure I can trust my body.  I'm not sure I can trust it not to throw up.  I might have eaten too much."  I have no idea where this phrase or concept came from, but The Beast and I think he was trying tell us he was nervous.  He also told me he thought he was getting another cold and felt himself "getting sicker and sicker."  I asked him if he didn't want to run the race and he told me "I think I can run it, as long as I run it really fast so nobody else gets sick."

We were swirling about the house in various states of almost-readiness when a friend, L, and her son (A-Train's age) came by to walk over to the race.  The plan was for me to watch her son and A-Train while she ran the 10K and Bean ran the kids' fun run.

She and I walked the toddlers over and The Beast and Bean walked over a little later.  I realized pretty quickly that we had really failed to take care of Bean the same way I do myself before a race.  I should have packed him a little bag with a water bottle, his race bib, and the camera...but, instead, we forgot all three!  So no pictures from the race, but that's ok; he wore a track suit rather than the awesome superhero get-up he wore in the fall.  The Kodak moments just weren't as abundant.
The Superhero Get-up

We got there and I saw my friend off in her race, taking the toddlers around to see her a quarter mile in, and then heading down the course for the fun run.  Bean had already gone to the bathroom (we were really hoping to avoid a repeat of the fall run!) and was excited to take off.

Off they went, and I took the toddlers through the middle of the loop to catch the preschoolers along the way.  I saw Bean and cheered him on, then went back up the hill to the finish...pushing a double stroller with at least 55 pounds of toddler in it!

Bean finished in 12:45 and then waited around (im)patiently for his medal and certificate.  Really all he wanted was the medal - I'm pretty sure that the promise of a medal was the only reason he ran it.  He had become enamored of the medal I got for taking third in my age group in the Reindeer Romp.

While The Beast had our kids and hung out until Bean got his medal, I took my L's son out onto the 10K course to cheer on his mom (incidentally, he always says "mama" like a question and it is the cutest!).  We caught her about a mile from the finish and then I ran back (only 30 pounds of toddler in the double jogger!) to catch her at the finish.  I got decent workout, pushing that thing and wearing my moccasins!

The timing all worked out perfectly.  I said goodbye to L and walked back down the hill to see that Bean had received his medal.  He was pumped.
We got home and Bean hung his medal from his chair at lunch, and then ran off to play with it doing who-knows-what.  He declared it was a coin when the ribbon came off ("I was playing with it too rough.  I like it better this way.").  It was worth $89.  He had The Beast affix it to one side of his shirt and declared "I'm Stoick the Vast!!!"  He also said he wanted to run the race again because he needed a second giant medallion to really look like Stoick.

That's Stoick the Vast from How to Train Your Dragon.  Bean picks up on details like those giant medallions on his shoulders, affixing his fur cape to his shirt.

Bedtime came and Bean still hadn't let that medallion out of his sight.  He fell asleep clutching it.

Melts my running mom heart!

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