Saturday, April 21, 2012

This will blow your mind!

Tangentially related.  Prepare to have your mind blown!

Bean, holding a Duplo creation:  "This dragon's spikes can shoot off."

Me:  "Really?"

Bean: "It's related to the Nadderhead."

Me:  "Oooooh."

Bean:  "It is called the Great 59 Nadder because it's so big."

Me:  "Is it bigger than a regular Nadder?"

Bean:  "Um.  Well.  This will probably blow your mind.  Are you ready?  It is actually bigger than the Big. Leader. Dragon."

Me:  "Whoah!  ::gestures explosively at head:: Kaboom! Mind. Blown!"

Bean:  "And???  This will blow your mind again.  This spike on its nose also shoots off!"

Me:  "WOW!"

Bean:  "And this will blow your mind again! Its spike comes back!"

Me:  "It comes back? grows back?  Or it comes back like a boomerang?"

Bean:  "Like a boomerang!  And - are you ready?  This will also blow your mind! These spikes are so strong that they will puncture the Big Leader Dragon's armor!"

(If you need to know more about the dragons Bean was discussing, you should watch his favorite movie!  Or read the book!)
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