Saturday, June 30, 2012

Random Journal Entry

I keep a journal for (and usually about) the kids.  It is full of funny stories, and every now and then I open it up just to see what we were up to at a random point in the last many months.  I need a laugh, and to remember that my kids have been and will again be enjoyable...(the heat, a crazy summer in general, and the stages each is at is a little tough right now)  So I opened randomly to October 18, 2011 and laughed out loud...

Bean took a 4-hour+ nap and didn't know it.  I told him he had, and he denied it (even though he essentially gets rewarded for napping).  I told him he had been in his room for 4 hours and he said, "I was in thre for 4 hours with my eyes wide open!"
Special Time tonight involved B pretending to be a little boy (named Bean) who needed help finding his way home.  I looked exactly like his mother but was not his mother.

I asked him if I coul help him get home and he told me his phone number was
  I asked for his address and he looked it up in a book and said, "4-9 hundred."  I asked what street and he said [a nearby street]What city?  "Bloomington."  What state?  "Bread State."

So we got in a pretend car and I asked if he was old enough to ride in the front seat. He said, "yeah.  I'm 3....and a half...eight nine."

We finally got to his house and he build me a gronckle (dragon) to
thank me for bringing him home.

During his Special Time w/ me, A-Train played w/ a tape measure for 15 minutes!

10/21 involved the Halloween costume I still have not really posted about!  It's like I have a lot going on or something, right?!?  Well, here it is.

He was Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon.  Yep.  A Viking Warrior!  Happened to be a girl, but he could not have possibly cared less about that. He got to carry a big (Duplo) axe and a (pot lid) shield and fight dragons! He was definitely aware of the novelty of being a boy in a skirt, but he enjoyed the attention (he might be the child of two performers...).  In fact, he outgrew that skirt and was so sad about it that I took him to buy another one.

In any case, we had almost finished it up on October 21st.  He was super excited and I didn't want anything to get destroyed before Halloween, so I put the costume up on a high shelf and asked him to leave it alone.  This is what the journal says happened:


Last night was comically terrible.  Bean stayed up past midnight eating cake and climbing the shelves to get to his Halloween costume (which I made w/ him).  He tried to do both sneakily.  I was too tired to reason w/ him over the cake, so I let him have at it.  When I came out later and asked him what all the noise I'd heard was, and whether he was jumping or running or something, he said, "I don't know.  I'm just walking around."  Then I spied all the pieces of his costume around and he admitted he was climbing the shelves.

A-Train woke up at 11:30 screaming in pain from a horrible diaper rash.  I was up until a little past midnight comforting him!  No clue when B actually went to bed....

This morning, an exchange w/ B...

B:  "I see you vacuumed this morning."
Me: "No.  It wasn't me..."
B: "But it's all clean!"
Me: "I bet it was Dad.  That Dad is one awesome fellow."
B:  "Yeah, I think maybe we should keep him."

Then there's an entry from October 25th about "foodin' it out."  Ah.  So much good stuff.  They were fun once and they'll be fun again in longer-than-a-minute intervals!  
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